Delegation from Sony (China) Limited Visited Our University

On May 12th, Kubota-san, leader of a delegation of 10 people from Sony (China) Limited visited our university. Professor Li Jianqing, executive vice dean of the Scientific Research Institute, Professor You Xiaohu, dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering, Professor Qiu Teng, director of the Fundamental Research and Overseas Cooperation Office of the Scientific Research Institute, Professor Zhang Zaichen, director of the cooperation project, and the other related stuff from the Southeast University Science Park received the guests together. The two sides have carried out a in-depth discussion on the cooperation in the area of future wireless transmission technologies, and signed the Research and Development Agreement between Southeast University and Sony (China) Limited.

In the meeting, Professor Li Jianqing, addressed the warm welcome to the Sony (China) Limited delegation and gave the guests an introduction to the achievements and current development in scientific research of our university. Professor You Xiaohu, on behalf of his research team, gave the guests a detailed report to the current development in the area of future wireless transmission technologies.

On behalf of Sony (China) Limited, Kubota-san addressed his expectation about the cooperation between Sony (China) Limited and the Southeast University. He pointed out that as a restructured company, Sony pays much more attentions on the future of smart phone and the development of digital images. Thus, he highly looks forward to the achievement of this cooperation.

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