Delegation from Australia Technology Network Visited Our University

    On April 18th, Professor Neil, leader of a delegation of 5 people from Australia Technology Network (hereinafter referred to as ATN), visited our school. Professor Hu Minqiang, executive vice president, Li Jianqing, executive vice dean of Science and Research Institute, Gu Ning, dean of the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Hong Zongxun, Party secretary of the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, and the other related stuff from the International Cooperation Office and Science and Technology Institute received the guests together. The two sides have carried out a in-depth discussion on the co-foundation of "ATN-Southeast University (Suzhou) Nano Joint Laboratory".

    In the meeting, Professor Hu Minqiang, addressed the warm welcome to the Professor Neil delegation and gave the guests an introduction to the history and current development of our school. On behalf of ATN, Professor Neil introduced the framework of ATN and the progress after the establishment of the Joint Laboratory. President Gu Ning, on behalf of researchers, gave a detailed report on the thinkings in the future research, the existing problems and difficulties in co-construction. Professor Li Jianqing put forward with constructive suggestions on the platform construction and the enhancement of the international influence of the Joint Laboratory.

    After extensive communication, both sides confirmed the project "Pathogen Detection in Recyclable Water" as the first research topic of the Joint Laboratory, and reached the consensus about the affairs such as funding, doctoral recruit, and researcher short-term exchanges and visits .

    Professor Hu Minqiang pointed out that the international joint laboratory is an important way to promote the internationalization of our school, enhance the scientific research competence and the international influence. Our school will attach great importance and give full supports. He said that our school will efficiently organize and implement the capital budget, personnel selection and other specific aspects in accordance with the relevant procedures of our school. He also said that the Joint Laboratory should strengthen its cooperation with Suzhou Nano Innovation Center, coordinate with the overall development layout of related disciplines and the cultivation of the international high-caliber talents.

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